16 DIY Christmas Gifts That Are Actually Useful

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Homemade gifts have a bad rep. After all, who needs ANOTHER macaroni and cheese necklace? No one wants to spend a month DIYing their own gifts, but shopping for them also takes a ton of time and money)! That’s why I selected these great gifts that are super useful, but extremely easy to make at the same time.

1. Super Easy DIY Flannel Throw

Since very little sewing is required, this makes the perfect gift for busy bees to make at home. Best of all, they’ll think of you when they’re cozying up by the fireplace in this stylish throw.

2. Heavenly Aromatic Bath Bombs

You only need two main ingredients to make bath bombs: citric acid and baking soda. First, find out what your loved one’s favorite aromas are. Then, add essential oils to the mix and you’re all set.

3. A Cozy Winter Box

Hot cocoa, sweaters, marshmallows, bright lights, and good friends. That’s the best way to sum up Christmas. And what a better way to represent the spirit of this season than by gifting the perfect winter box, packed with super useful things?

4. The Perfect Sangria Kit For Your Bestie

Get a giant mason jar that holds the key to pure happiness. Add all the fruits, wine, a wooden spoon, and tie a ribbon around the dispenser. Bottoms up!

5. Tablet Case Holder

You just need the sewing pattern, fabric, zipper to construct the case, the lining, and the flap. It’s simple, inexpensive, and pretty easy to make.

6. Scrumptious Ice Cube Tray Chocolates

No one wants cheap chocolates, but a tray of marshmallow, almond, peanut butter and caramel chocolates? That’s one gift anyone would welcome with open hands!

7. DIY Self Care Gift Set

Give someone the chance to wake up and smell the roses…and lavender, citrus, and sandalwood with their very own DIY gift box that even includes an aromatic lip balm.

8. Magnetize Some Mason Jar Lids

Grab some Mason Jar lids. Glue a magnet to the flat side. Then, stick a photo on the inside of the lid, and voila! They’ll have some adorable picture frames to decorate their fridge with.

9. DIY Sugar Scrubs

If your gift tastes good enough to eat, then you’re on the right track. Sugar scrubs are perfect for sensitive skin and can remove dead skin cells without discomfort. Make a raspberry lemon, grapefruit mint, or coconut lemon sugar scrub and place in a Mason jar.

10. Body Wash That’s So Refreshing

Who wouldn’t love a gift that soothes and repairs their skin? ‘Tis the season of giving, so gather some coconut oil, raw honey, Castile soap, essential oils, and Vitamin E oil, and get ready to concoct the gift of aromatherapy!

11. Santa-Approved Mason Jar Desserts

Get your BFF desserts in a jar and you’ll be friends for life! Just layer a bunch of brownie mix ingredients in a mason jar and tie a gift tag or paste a customized label with the recipe.

12. Dog Treats

The best way to impress someone is to show them how much you love their pets. And what better way to do that than by baking some homemade dog treats? You’ll be a cool friend and a superstar with your loved one’s pet.

13. Date Night Gift Card Box For Bae

You can use regular paper to write down a free hug, a kiss, a Netflix card, an hour-long massage, or even a date night at your SOs favorite Indian restaurant. Now’s your chance to get creative!

14. Unicorn Spa In a Jar

Everyone can use a spa day that’s whimsical and colorful. Just stuff a Mason jar with unicorn bath bombs, foot soak, sugar scrub, and mini unicorn soaps and make someone giggle with joy.

15. Grown Up Hot Chocolate Kit

Hot chocolate matches winter like red on Santa! Plus, this is beyond easy to make. Just add some hot cocoa mix to a Mason jar and tie a mini Bailey’s bottle around the rim. Cheers!

16. DIY Room Spray

Spring is still months away, but with the right ingredients, you can gift someone the scent of springtime during the holidays. Alternative option: go for bold winter scents like cedar and pine.

Looking for more info on these awesome DIYs? Just click the photo sources for full tutorials. Happy crafting!

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